Free Account Windscribe | Instructions to receive 50GB per month

Windscribe VPN is a cross-platform application that unlocks all blocked websites, removes ads during use, and can help protect your WiFi connection, increase privacy while active. live online. What makes this app unique is that it's ready to offer 50GB of monthly data to all users for free. And in this article, the Network Administrator will guide you how to get 50GB of free monthly Windscribe VPN bandwidth.

Some key functions of Windscribe VPN

  • Comfortable surfing Facebook though the network is slow as "turtle".
  • Unlock all websites, even Youtube videos that are blocked in your area.
  • Access things you like without being tracked.
  • Block annoying ads.
  • Create and manage links to keep it safe right from your browser.
  • Protect your IP address and protect you when using torrents.
  • Not afraid of disclosure of personal information.

How to get 50GB of free storage from Windscribe VPN

Step 1:

To get 50GB of Windscribe VPN storage for free, you first need to visit the app's homepage here: and proceed to sign up for a new account.

Step 2:

Enter the necessary information such as username, password, e-mail address.

Step 3:

Click Have a Voucher and enter the code REDDIT50 or BATKA420.

Step 4:

Select the Create Free Account option.

Step 5:

On your web browser, log in to your e-mail account registered in the above step. And proceed to confirm account activation.

Step 6:

Back at Windscribe's main interface, click the My Account section and you'll get 50GB of free storage per month instead of 2GB as default.
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